Caring for your bedroom. Tips

We talk a great deal here at Apartment Therapy about keeping things clean and our persistence about it is quite strong when it comes to our bedrooms. They seem like a magnet for dust and allergens — not to mention clutter from other parts of our home. Today we’re taking a stand and saying, enough is enough!

We’ve talked time and time again about how to keep your bedroom as tidy as can be, but we thought having all that information in one place would make a nice resource for those who might have missed a few. Each one was a good refresher (even for us) as we read back through them and now we’re off to tidy up a few things we’d forgotten (the joys of working from home)!

• How To: Clean the Bedroom in 10 Minutes: Even if you think your bedroom is a lost cause, 10 minutes a day (even if you need a repeat session the next day) can make all the difference in the world.

• 20 Ways to Organize Your Bedroom Closet: One of the most challenging places to keep clean and organized is the bedroom closet. No matter how hard you try, unless everything has its place, it just feels like a jumbled mess. Here’s 20 great ways to tame the chaos in ways that will withstand the tests of time.

• How To: Create a “Dust-Free” Bedroom: Do you know the temperature at which your sheets and curtains should be (frequently) washed at? Run through this dust-free checklist to keep the bunnies at bay.

• 12 Steps to Deep Clean the Bedroom: Although cleaning the bedroom should seem simple, sometimes a checklist is the way to go. Tackle them all in one day, or 2 a day so you have a super clean and comfortable place to take a Sunday nap.

• Make Your Own Linen Spray: Linen sprays are a great way to freshen up your sheets, curtains and even rugs from time to time. The only downfall is that they seem ridiculously pricey when you’re at the store. Don’t be afraid to make your own and customize it, so it’s exactly what you’re looking for.

• 5 Ways to Naturally Clean Whites: If your sheets or curtains aren’t as bright as they used to be, put aside the bottle of bleach and give these eco-friendly options a try.

• How to Care for Your Mattress: Do’s and Don’ts: Did you know you’re supposed to vacuum your mattress every 3 months? We didn’t either, hit up this list of other do’s and don’t in the bedroom coming from the authority — Martha Stewart.

• Tips for Washing Dirty Windows: You can wash your sheets, make the bed, sweep and add some nice accent lighting, but what will really lighten and brighten a bedroom best is clean windows. Check out these tips, some of which can even be done in winter months.
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